Saturday, March 1, 2014

Swap out Drab for Drama

by Nicole Lindquist

A home’s decor can start to feel a little bit stale during the dull winter months. And given that the season is seemingly, and unfortunately, never-ending this year we’re all spending an awful lot of time indoors, which definitely makes us crave a little interior design facelift that much more. Luckily you don’t need to spend hours of your already busy days renovating to transform the look of your home.

It’s no secret that we’ve always thought the addition of new textiles is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making your space look fresh and current. And our collection of glam pillows  offers something extra special to revamp your living room, bedroom, and more. We’ve used sequin and bead embroidery on our pillows to add sparkle and texture to modern geometric and nature-inspired designs that pair well with a wide variety of decor styles and create an ambiance of luxury and sophistication in any space. Check out our latest pieces and learn more about them below!

Our Himalaya pillow really aims to reflect the majesty of the mountain range whose name it borrows, while the Snowflakes design is an abstract, funky portrayal of this one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon. Our Sagar lumbar pillow is also inspired by nature, taking its name from the Bengali word for “sea.” This geometric design is our interpretation of the dynamic sparkling effect created by sunlight reflecting on the ripples of a body of water. All three of these pillows have a modern sensibility, and their neutral tones make them super versatile. Finally, our round and lumbar Audrey pillow design is a playful abstraction of a sailboat. The mix of salmon, light peach, and gold sequins and beading are sure to warm up any living space.

Meet Rita, Joan, and Zoe. Our Rita glam pillow design was inspired by layered sedimentary rock formations. By embroidering the sequins and beads in short vertical lines across a navy background we were able to achieve a look that is both sophisticated and also very classic. This pillow would be right at home in a dark-wood paneled library or perched on top of a light-colored sofa. The Joan design, available as a throw pillow or a lumbar pillow, was birthed from the idea of transparency. It re-imagines a simple bush, displaying the intricacy of the branches while reducing the foliage to a subtle outline; the final result is both charming and whimsical. Zoe is unique among our glam pillows both for its design aesthetic and its wool embroidery. The tribal-inspired pattern is one of our favorite motifs to work with, and the navy embroidery contrasted against a stark white background ensures a fresh, current look. (Also featured is our linen, silk screen print Sofia pillow with mirror embroidery.)

The Marilyn pillow (also available in a lumbar version), though every bit as glamorous as the late Ms. Monroe we think, was actually inspired by the hills of the British Isles. The idea is that the sequined portions represent the low-lying areas, bathed in shadows. By contrast, our Porte pillow (available in lumbar and throw pillow varieties) was designed with the classic paneling seen on old-fashioned doors in mind (“porte” meaning “door” in French).

Our Lola design is our retro-inspired glam look. The geometric print references the style of the late 1960s and 1970s but the large pattern brings it solidly into the 21st century. Our Lola look is also available as a throw pillow and a lumbar pillow.

The Helena design is a standout, constructed of gold lurex overlaid with eyelet fabric, it, like the Joan design mentioned above, was inspired by the idea of transparency. And maybe it’s tooting our own horn, but we are in love with the peek-a-boo horizontal gold striping – so dramatic! Our Helena design, like Marilyn, Lola, and Porte, is also available in lumbar and throw pillow varieties.

All four of these pillow designs really showcase and play with metallics. And the fantastic part is that metallics are neutrals, so you can mix and match them with ANYTHING. Adding metallic details is a really fun, exciting way to bring some luxury to your home that requires very little guesswork.

Our Eva design is one of our favorites. While the pattern is very geometric, the mixture of colors gives it a very natural, organic feeling so that the ultimate effect is quite warm. We wanted to make sure to include a calming color palate option within our glam pillow collection, and all of these just make us want to lie in a hammock at a beach house and stare out at the ocean all day long. Head on over to our website to check out the lumbar and throw pillow versions of our Eva design and browse all of our glam pillows!

We hope you’ve had as much fun checking out our glam pillows as we had designing them. And we hope you leave here inspired to turn your home into the beautiful oasis you deserve. Out with the drab, in with the drama!

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