Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pops of Color for Your Patio

by Nicole Lindquist

Now that spring has most definitely sprung we're finally starting to coming out of our winter hibernation and head outside to enjoy the much-anticipated warmer weather. And with more and more time being spent in the great outdoors it makes us want to turn our backyards/patios/balconies (whatever form your little haven of fresh air and nature comes in) into a proper oasis. At Allem Studio we believe that your outdoor space can and should be as beautiful, warm, and inviting as your indoor space. 

However, anyone who has ever tried her hand at landscaping knows that it can be just as much work (and just as much of a headache) as renovating. Personally, we prefer a much simpler route towards a beautiful backyard. That's why we've designed a line of outdoor pillows to adorn your patio sets and other outdoor furniture. Flowers aren't the only game in town anymore. Check out some of our designs below for a new way to introduce a pop of color to your backyard!

The Allem Studio designs featured above are: top row (from left to right): Crab Red PillowNautilus Navy PillowStarfish PillowDamascus Navy Pillow, and Cherry Pillow; middle row (from left to right): Waves Sky Lumbar PillowWorli Yellow Pillow, and Berry Lumbar Pillow; and bottom row (from left to right): Knottica Navy PillowPhul Orange PillowWaves Green PillowSindoor Peach Pillow, and Aris Sky Pillow. Check out our website for even more colors and styles!

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Salman's BlogSite said...

Great interplay of colors and patterns. Overall, Mediterranean influence sounds prominent amongst other influences. Feels as fresh as waking up to a Greek sunny morning.