Saturday, May 24, 2014

Decorating with Neutrals

by Nicole Lindquist

Sometimes people seem to think rooms decorated with neutral tones (shades of white, ivory, taupe, beige, gray, black, and, depending on who you talk to, navy) can come across, at the very least, as boring and, at worst, as cold and clinical, but we're here to tell you that is a big ole myth. While Allem Studio is all for using bright pops of color to jazz up a tired living room or breath new life into a stale bedroom, a lot of decorating magic can be done with a neutral color palette. Whatever your personal style aesthetic you can create a visually interesting room with just a few neutral tones. Black, gray, and white are great for a modern style, while creams and ivories are excellent for creating a warm and inviting space. From old world charming to beach house chic, neutrals are enormously versatile. The key takeaway is that neutral definitely does not have to mean plain!

Take a look at our design idea for a living room using neutral tones and Allem Studio's own Johar Charcoal and Porte Lumbar pillows. And if you'd like to replicate this design idea in your own home, check below the image for a list of all the items featured that make this space the epitome of elegance.

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