Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Eva Pillow Mood Board

by Nicole Lindquist

It's not always easy to create beautiful, cohesive spaces in our homes. Just deciding where to begin is a challenge in and of itself. However, we think one of the simpler ways to start the decorating process is to select an item to provide the inspiration for your room's design and then choose complementary products to make the space look well thought out. With that in mind, this week's blog post takes Allem Studio's Eva glam pillows as the inspiration for living room decor.

  1. Allem Studio's Eva Pillows
  2. Oly Studio Tide Oil Painting on Zinc Door
  3. Gus Modern Atwood Sectional Sofa on Design Public
  4. Currey and Company's Driftwood Floor Lamp
  5. Currey and Company's Hookah Table
  6. Dash and Albert's Plain Tin Oatmeal Wool Micro Hooked Rug
  7. Global Views' Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder-Matte Bronze
  8. Global Views' Blue Pond Bowl-Oval
  9. Hillary Thomas' Brass Sailboat

Our Eva pillows (1) are sequin and bead embroidered and mix seafoam, navy, olive green, copper, and white colored triangles to create a graphic geometric design that really stands out. The olive green and copper tones of the pillow have a natural, earthy feel to them. This inspired the selection of Oly Studio's Tide Oil Painting (2), Currey and Company's Driftwood Floor Lamp (4), and Dash and Albert's Plain Tin Oatmeal Wool Micro Hooked Rug (6). The neutral tones of the Dash and Albert rug and Currey and Company lamp nicely complement the olive green tone in the Eva pillow while the Oly Studio seascape painting picks up its green and blue tones. The sheen of the Eva pillow's beading and sequins led us to choose metallic and glass accessories and decor to complete the space. Mixing metallics can give real visual interest to a space so we chose the Hillary Thomas Brass Sailboat (9) and Global Views' bronze Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holder (7) to sit atop the Currey and Company Hookah table (5), which has a hammered nickel finish. The stunning glass Blue Pond Bowl (8) from Global Views brings the blue tones from the Eva pillow into the accessories to round out the look. Finally, we chose the Gus Modern Atwood Sectional Sofa (3) not only for it's clean stylish design, which pairs well with the geometric print of the pillow, but for it's neutral tone. Selecting neutral-toned furniture gives a space greater versatility, allowing you to change the entire look of a room by simply swapping out a few accessories here and there.

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