Thursday, January 20, 2011


It is that time of year, the show starts next week and as usual despite best planning, we're scrambling around trying to get everything taken care of last minute. For instance the catalogs - they were all designed and ready to go to printer's last year end November. Then our printer got unwell. So we went to printer no 2 , they sent samples and at the time of bulk printing told us they won't be able to print within the time schedule.....Blistering Barnacles !!! Finally we went to printer no 3 who's shipped the catalogs out today :) We should rcv them in time for the show else........ let's not think about it..shudder shudder !!
Speaking of shudders and goosebumps, we hope the weather co-operates during the show.

If you're attending, then please visit us at Booth 7962 (At Home - Javits Center).We shall be waiting for you with our smiles, beautiful pillows and colorful catalogs :)

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sanju said...

Good luck for the show. Will try to be there tomorrow!